The Dulski Federal Building/ Avant Building – A Giant Recycling project!

Constructed in 1971, the Thaddeus J. Dulski Building was the home to over 50 Federal Government agencies in Buffalo, NY. It was officially decommissioned in 2006. A major pipe bursting led to asbestos and mold contamination. Like many older buildings, rehabilitation would require asbestos abatement.

The Federal government decided that the building wasn’t worth the cost of this remedy. A joint venture was formed between Uniland Development and Acquest Development. They purchased the building in 2007 for $6.1 million. They intended to convert this building, located at the corner of Delaware Ave. and Huron St., into a mix of office, hotel and residential space. Rehab involved the total gutting of this building down to the steel beams and concrete floors. The project was completed in 2009 and is recognized as the largest recycling project in WNY. It’s $83 million price tag will be partially offset by the sale of the most expensive group of condominiums in Buffalo.

A recent sale of $1.6 million was recorded in March. See the before, during and after photos by using these links.

The Donovan Building, a former NYS building is now receiving the same treatment and will be interesting to watch. (the building is located across the street from my office)

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